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Francis Cabrel is a contemporary French singer-songwriter, with a Catalan flavour in accent and imagery.

Translator's Note

Cabrel uses deceptively simple imagery in a variety of rhyming forms to create lyrics which are in themselves musical. I wanted to keep the rhyming which gave me difficulties in keeping to strictly to emphasis, word-for-word translation and word order. Having decided on the rhyming form, my aim was to keep the mood and feel as the next priority and I hope that the result is a poem. I find it very difficult to read my translation without hearing the original in my head; this makes it very hard for me to judge my work.

For further consideration of the art of translation, you might look at the work of Sheenagh Pugh

Translated poems:

C'était l'hiver - Winter
L’encre de tes yeux - Drawn from your eyes