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Francis Cabrel
Francis Cabrel's songs translated from French by Jean Gill

Translator's note
C'était l'hiver - Winter
L'encre de tes yeux - Drawn from your eyes

Ulrich Löchner
An introduction to the craft of translation

On Translation

Picodon Poetry

French poems translated by Jean Gill

Victor Hugo - Pasteurs et troupeaux

Anna de Noailles - Bitto

Sabine Sicaud - Printemps

Anna de Noailles - L’hiver

Anna de Noailles - Paroles à la lune

Friedrich Löchner
Jean Gill's poems translated into German by Friedrich Löchner

Housewife: A Feminine Occupation - Hausfrau: Eine Weibliche Beschäftigung
Dried Flowers And Dead Bees - Welke Blumen Und Tote Bienen

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