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Jean Gill

How Blue is My Valley

The true scents of Provence - lavender, thyme and septic tank - in a village called Dieulefit, 'God Created it'.

A village that offers the best air in France. And the best Truffles. And is the third intellectual centre of France after Paris and Lyon. All of this is in official local documents so it must be true...

In Jean Gill's entertaining company discover the land of goat cheese and Côtes du Rhône, oversexed bees and dodgy plumbing. Bath-time need never be boring again if you take Jean's advice.

Always an immigrant, Jean compares her blue valley to the green ones she left behind in her adopted Wales.Round every French corner she finds a Welsh echo, hiraeth in the terroir, from the devilish habits of goats to the rockstar from Welshpool.

And she joins the long line of refugees for whom Dieulefit is the place 'ou nul est étranger', where everyone belongs.

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A Small Cheese in Provence: Book Cover

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