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Jean Gill

With Double Blade

poetry; makes you feel you're caught on barbed wire and yet makes you smile about it;
very funny A delicious book full of the unexpected. Highly emotive contents. Writing Magazine
Moving and varied – Dorothy Tutin

Much of today’s poetry is serious and humourless. So prevalent is this that one often wonders if the prevailing opinion is that any poem which is even slightly funny is worthless. If so, Jean Gill here proves this wrong. Some of her work in this collection is very funny indeed but it is good as well. What is more, the humour frequently has the effect of pointing up the stark reality with which she writes. She employs a variety of styles to make the collection even more interesting. Ted Griffin, Pause Magazine

The title is perfect because the poetry is razor sharp and cuts all ways – Marian Langford, Physicist

Jean Gill brings off the rare feat of looking life squarely in the eye without descending into dreary cynicism. She tackles a wide range of subjects including adultery, divorce, motherhood and anorexia – HS Milford Haven Journalist

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