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Jean Gill

Gentle Dog Training
(Dressage Tendresse)
by Michel Hasbrouck

Best-selling dog book in the French language,
translated by Jean Gill.

Enjoy life with your dog; tips from the dog-trainers’ dog-trainer
When you’re with your dog, all your gestures, movements and even your thoughts are training signals. You may not be aware of it but your dog is! So you need to watch your own behaviour. This book offers solutions to all the situations dog owners might have to deal with (new puppy’s arrival, hygiene, feeding, punishment, the mad barker, the fugitive, the stinker…). Whatever the problem, there’s an answer that works. The book’s philosophy? Every dog can be trained, provided he is treated as an intelligent being, given many rewards and very very few punishments. Unfortunately not every owner knows how to get inside a dog’s head.

‘A sentence aimed at your dog should contain a subject, a verb and a compliment!’ Michel Hasbrouck has worked to this formula for years. Thousands of dogs have passed through his hands and he has proved that it is always possible to solve the dog-owner’s problems with the right attitude and technical know-how, in an atmosphere that makes the dog feel comfortable, without blows or bellowing.

Michel Hasbrouck is an internationally renowned professional who has saved you the work of comparing different training methods; he gives a clear summary of various approaches, with their virtues and limitations, then he gives you gives you his advice on what you should do. His solutions are effective, simple and always morally acceptable; no hitting, no shouting. This book gives a new option as to how you should behave with your dog. If the dog is behaving badly, it’s purely because he’s trying to adapt to a life that doesn’t take his needs into account. It’s time to start over and that means starting with the owner as well.

This is a complete handbook for all dog-owners, preparing them to guide their dogs through a sound basic education, and enabling them, if they so wish, to progress to higher levels of obedience, agility or search and rescue. There is also a specific section dealing with the re-education of ‘problem’ dogs, another subject on which Michel Hasbrouck knows what he’s talking about – and it shows.

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